2 system experts go after the $200B Indian shipping industry

December 8, 2016
Your Story
Ocean freight is something that confuses the one million SMBs that export their products in this country. There are 49 million more that do not have the ability to go global because they have not understood the processes required. The confusion starts because there are too many agents and multi-level freight forwarding companies that make no sense to individual... Read More

Our technology will differentiate us from other logistics providers: Shipwaves

December 7, 2016
The Dollar Business
Shipwaves is an end-to-end online logistics platform catering to the needs of importers and exporters from India. Headed by Capt. Vikram Mathur, CEO a seasoned veteran in the shipping industry who has over 27 years of rich experience in logistics, supply chain and business strategy in various corporates along with two young dynamic cofounders Athahar Mohammed... Read More

Online platform looks to shake up Indian shipping

December 12, 2016
Taking a cue from international technology driven logistics providers like Freightos and Flexport, entrepreneurs in India are seeking to transform freight transportation in the country with an online platform dubbed Shipwaves... Read More

Shipwaves: ‘An enabler for India Inc for the next quantum leap’

November 30, 2016
Shipwaves is India’s first online marketplace for ocean freight, providing instant rate comparisons, instant quote management, freight booking and freight management service. Shipwaves’ collaboration with India’s top freight forwarders enables importers and exporters to compare prices instantly and book the service that fits their requirement. The company also offers... Read More

With The First Movers’ Advantage, Shipwaves Is Looking To Tap Into The $300 Billion Market

November 28, 2016
Cross-border trade has grown massively in recent decades, with a colossal $18.93 trillion worth of goods imported/exported in 2015. Global freight is the engine that powers international trade and 90% of global trade is shipped in 700 million containers every year. India spends around 14.4% of its GDP on logistics and transportation as compared to less than 8% spent by the other... Read More

Shipwaves strives to create a virtual silk route for container shipping

November 29, 2016
What was until now a time consuming, nontransparent and complex experience for exporters and importers, has now been simplified by Shipwaves. This startup from India gives instant ocean freight rates and enables booking of shipments online. Unlike in the past, when shippers had to wait anywhere between four hours and four days to get rates from the highly fragmented freight forwarders market, Shipwaves platform provides comparative quotes from multiple.... Read More

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